High Barrier Foil and Films

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high barrier foils & films

High Barrier Foils & Films

Protection from oxygen, moisture, chemical, UV light and visible light

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Unsurpassed high barrier technology and experience

High barrier medical and pharmaceutical aluminum foil and film laminations are engineered by Bemis Healthcare Packaging to maintain product efficacy and provide product protection from oxygen, moisture, chemical, UV light and visible light. 
high barrier foil and film laminations
peelable foil laminates

Peelable Aluminum Foil Laminates

Patented EZ Peel® technology produces state-of-the-art peelable materials from non-porous applications. 
  • Exteriors: PA, PET, paper
  • Foil gauges: 100, 35, 28.5
  • Sealant: EZ Peel®

Non-peelable Aluminum Foil Laminates

Non-peelable foil laminations provide high barrier protection. 
  • Exteriors: BOPET, BOPA, paper
  • Foil gauges: 200, 35, 28.5
  • Sealants: frangible, PET, PE, LLDPE, Ionomer, EAA
paper / foil laminates

Paper/Aluminum Foil Laminates

Industry standard paper/poly/foil/poly laminations provide excellent protection and easy to print surface.
  • Exteriors: C1S paper, coated papers
  • Foil gauges: 35, 28.5
  • Sealants: ionomer, PE, LLDPE
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Clear High Barrier Medical Films and Pharmaceutical Films

Barrier provided by modified film structures instead of being provided by foil. Use for visibility of package contents. 
  • Exteriors: Al2O3, BOPET, APET
  • Cores: adhesive, APET, nylon, PE
  • Sealants: EZ Peel®, LLDPE
chemical barriers

Chemical Barriers

Engineered for hard to hold products to protect chemicals from degrading the sealant films. 
  • Exterior: BOPET
  • Foil gauge: 35
  • Sealants: PET, CXB™

Flow Wrap

High speed flow wrap solutions for applications such as inhalers, diagnostics, applicators.
  • Exterior: BOPET
  • Foil gauges: 35, 28.5
  • Sealant: PE 
metallized polyester

Metallized Polyester

For applications requiring moderate light, oxygen or moisture barrier.
  • Exterior: Metallized BOPET
  • Lamination: adhesive
  • Sealant: EZ Peel®

White High Barrier Laminates

Provided for child resistant applications, with high barrier and print requirements. 
  • Exterior: BOPET
  • Foil gauge: 35
  • Sealants: PE, ionomer, EAA

Trusted to protect life science products that provide care, improve health and save lives

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