Overcoming Product Launch Challenges

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Failure to Launch: How to Overcome New Product Challenges

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Failure to Launch: How to Overcome New Product Challenges


Consumer buying habits are shifting, placing a unique demand on today’s new product packaging.
Consumers are seeking an improved connection between the products they purchase and the package
it comes in, but CPGs are struggling to deliver the customization, personalization and experiential
packaging that shoppers crave.

In order to meet market demands and beat the competition, it’s important to get new products that
address these unmet consumer needs on the shelf as quickly as possible. Shorter print runs with faster
turn times are critical to launching a new product or package, but introducing a new label typically has a
long turn cycle ranging anywhere from months to years.

Why does it take so long? Often, multiple parties within the supply chain are working in a linear fashion.
This not only slows things down, but causes further innovation opportunities to be missed. Instead, a
vertical integration approach can deliver the framework for a more efficient and effective product launch.
The graphics team at Bemis understands that today’s landscape requires a more thoughtful approach
to new product launches. By vertically integrating within the organization, Bemis Graphics delivers
enhanced speed, world class quality, predictability and stability. The integration of graphics processes,
color management, and press specifications between the graphics team and the network of Bemis
printing plants provides an unmatched level of efficiency.

Because more information is available to the organization, project inputs are visible across departments,
and all necessary parties are able to work in parallel, while focusing on the components that position
brands for success.

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Brenda Abraham
Graphic Marketing Services Manager